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Watch TV where and when you want with the TV package from POST Luxembourg

Going back to watch a programme from the start, watching programmes that have already aired, following a match on your tablet... PostTV adapts to you and your schedules

Thanks to a high-performance 4K decoder that comes with a lifetime guarantee, the PostTV service offers you a multitude of content to watch when and where you like!

Whether you are at home in Luxembourg or moving around Europe, you will enjoy practical features for watching TV at any time that suits you:

  • Watch programmes that have already aired, using Replay
  • Go back to watch a movie from the start, using Restart
  • Follow a football match on your smartphone, using the PostTV Go app
  • Put your documentary on pause, using direct control
  • Record a movie from home or from your smartphone
  • Send content from your phone to your television with Swipe

Watch your movie up to 7 days after it has aired, using Replay

Available on over a hundred channels, Replay enables you to watch a programme (movies, shows, documentaries, etc.) that has aired in the past 7 days.

How does it work?
On PostTV, you will find a full listing of the programmes and channels
available in Replay. This content follows you everywhere - in Luxembourg and in Europe.

Send content from your phone to your television with Swipe

This handy function enables you to send -- with a single swipe -- the channel, replay or recording you are viewing on your tablet or smartphone directly to your TV.

How does it work?
You need to connect your device to the same network as the decoder.

You can record several programmes simultaneously

The Record function enables you to record up to 1000 hours of programmes, from home but also remotely, using the PostTV Go app.

You can find all your recordings on your smartphone and tablet, using the PostTV Go app

Go back to watch a
programme from the start,
using Restart

Very useful if you have missed the start of a movie, the Restart function allows you to watch a programme being aired from the beginning

You have direct control

Don’t miss a second of your programme, thanks to the Pause, Back and Forward functions. You have direct control.
More information here

A few hints, for an even more enjoyable TV viewing experience

Missed a movie?
You can now record a programme which has already aired! Simply find it in the Replay listings or in the Programme Guide.
No more wasting time searching for a programme!
Heading off on holiday? Remember to set a recording for your programme before you go!
Watch YouTube videos
Music at home - thanks to 120.000 radio stations
Moving between your favourite channels
Worth knowing!

The Bluetooth PostTV remote control allows you to change channel even if there is an obstruction between your remote and the decoder.